Most common HVAC repairs in riverside

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If you run a commercial business in Riverside, you probably know the importance of maintaining a comfortable climate within your premises. The environment of your building will affect the productivity of your employees and make a bad first impression to your clients. When you are facing commercial HVAC repair issues, you need to find an expert HVAC company that will do all the messy work for you the same day.

There are many HVAC repair businesses in Riverside. However, you need to choose one that has been serving for a while now. They have technicians that work expeditiously and efficiently to ensure that there is zero disruption to the climate of your business. In fact, when it comes to HVAC repairs, only companies with experience have seen it all. In this post, we will share the most common HVAC repairs to educate you if you ever require HVAC service.

Dirty Filters

2A dirty air filter is your units worst enemy and among the most frequent repairs. If your filter accumulates enough dirt, it can terminate the life of a new healthy system. However, with regular service, you don’t have to worry about issues such as a clogged air filter. Replacing the filter is a stroll in the park however just to be on the safe side it’s recommended that you call a professional to complete the task.

Loose Blower Motor Belts

Loose blower motor belts are another common issue that many HVAC owners encounter. An external motor power the belts and their primary function is to run the forced air blower that channels air through the ducts and vents within your property. A squeaking sound ios often a warning sign for a loose motor fan belt. Repairing a loose blower motor belt is not costly so take the next step before your unit becomes inefficient and causes more severe issues if ignored.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Condenser coils play a vital role in any air conditioning unit. Their role is to get rid of heat from the air by absorbing it in the refrigerant. The leading cause of dirty coils is a lack of maintenance and can cause a significant increase in your energy bills. If you don’t ensure that you properly clean a coil and it accumulates dirt, it will lessen the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. An AC unit with a dirty coil has to work twice as hard to cool your building shortening its lifespan.

Burned Capacitors

Capacitors play an important role of kicking your AC units fan motor into life and keep it operating smoothly. For most reasons, these capacitors can burn up and disrupt the functioning of the fan motor. For instance, if it’s the run capacitor that burns up, the chances of your fan motor overheating are high. Only trained professionals should handle capacitors to prevent incidences of electrocution.

Refrigerant Leaks

3Coolant leaks are responsible for cooling the air in your premises during a hot summer day. Leaks can happen in multiple areas, and if your AC loses enough coolant, it won’t be able to cool the air in your property.

You can avoid most of the above HVAC repairs with regularly scheduled maintenance.The cost of regular maintenance is negligible, yet most people neglect it until there is a serious problem.

Things you need to check before hiring an electrician


If you are searching for a reputable electrician chicago il, do not pick the first company to see advertised to perform your electrical repairs, get estimates and get references from past customers for more than one company.

Some jobs should be left to the professionals, and working with electricity is definitely one of them. Even if you think your electrical job looks easy, contact a professional to do your electrical work because if something goes wrong, you can electrocute yourself or if the wiring is not done to code it can be a fire hazard., do not pick the first company to see advertised to perform your electrical repairs, get estimates and get references from past customers for more than one company.

The need for a professional

There are several incidences where you may need an electrician to performance service in your home. If you are doing an indoor renovation project such as remodeling a kitchen, you will need switches, outlets, and fans to be relocated and rewired. If you are doing an outdoor renovation project such as adding a deck with a hot tub and additional lighting, you will likely need to have the electrical wiring done to accommodate these additions.

switchsIf you live in an older home, even a home a few decades old, it is likely you will need electrical service upgrades because today’s homes have more electric equipment such as computers, microwave, cordless phone, etc. Older homes were not built to accommodate the amount of electrical equipment standard in homes today.

You can hire an experienced electrician to come to your home and evaluate the options and energy alternatives available. As we all know, the cost of electricity keeps rising, and saving money, you need to take energy saving steps in your home. An electrician you can perform an evaluation of your electric use and give you recommendations for cutting your electricity costs.

Ask for Licence and Check Previous Customer’s Recommendations

When planning to hire a professional, make sure the person is licensed and carries insurance before starting the job in your home. Also get recommendations from previous customers. It is important that the person you hire has a valid license in your State to perform electrician work.

Bonded& Insured

It is also important that the person, or the company where the professional works, carries insurance in case someone is injured while doing the job or there is damage to your home.

Workmanship Guarantee

Before making your final decision to hire an electrician, get in writing an agreement that ensures you will get the work done within a reasonable amount of time, a price guarantee, and an equipment/workmanship warranty. Ask questions such as: when will the work begin? When will the work be done? What hours will they be working in your home?

cashFor small electrical jobs, they will give you a fixed price for your job; however, if it is a large job you will likely receive a quote that includes an hourly rate. Hiring an electrician is not a difficult task, but you need to take the time to talk with different companies, different electricians, get cost estimates, and check references before you make your final decision on who will be performing your electrical repairs.