a wooden bow on the grass

How to Select the Right Compound Bow

First-timer bowhunters come from different backgrounds, and that is the first fact that needs acknowledgment before moving on to the topic of finding the right compound bow. Many of them are experienced archers while some others do not even know how to aim the target using their dominant eye. It does sound like a problem, but it should not be an issue at all. The truth is that they can always learn one or two things from the reviews while practicing. More importantly, those who claim to be an expert do not even know which bow to choose.

At this point, people may ask if investing in compound bows is worth all the money. The answer is, of course, yes. Although it should be a matter of personal preferences, buying a compound bow proves to offer more fun for thrill seekers who love to spend time outdoors. One plus point of this equipment is that it uses no gunpowder, making it a perfect choice for hunting. For that reason, the weapon needs to fit your body. Thus, below are some tips on how to select and buy the right bow for you.

a person shooting an arrow

Dominant Eye

The first thing you need to do is to determine your dominant eye. Unlike other automatic weapons that can detect movement and aim target precisely, the bow requires you to sharpen your eyesight. Your eyes will be a vital aspect of the entire session as it helps you locate and lock your target before shooting the arrows. In short, it is vital to choose a bow that matches your dominant eye. Although it is also possible to depend on the other eye, it proves to be more comfortable and safer to rely on your dominant eye.

Anchor Point

The term anchor point is the point where shooters rest their draw hand at full draw. Although different people may have different favorite anchor points, most of them usually rest their draw hand at around their mouth.

Draw Length

The next thing to measure is your draw length. It is especially crucial since it determines the size of the bow that suits you well. Remember that choosing an item that is too big or too short will not take you anywhere but failure. The best way to do it is to ask the seller’s help to measure the length. The sellers should know how to recommend the items for the customers, and measuring the draw length should be one of the vital aspects.