baby being baptized

Ideas for baptism presents


A child’s baptism is one of the most important parts of his Christian life. It is a religious right which symbolizes regeneration and purification. It involves a child’s admission to the Christian Church. Holy water is sprinkled in the child’s forehead and then followed by the immersion in water. Whenever you are invited to come to a baptismal right, it is only appropriate to bring a present for the child. The gift represents your love and support to the family as you welcome a new member of the Church on that blessed day. Here are the best baptism presents you can purchase which will surely be appreciated by the parents and the child being baptized.


Even though you are gifting the present to a young child, a jewelry item is still one of the best options you can purchase. It’s a timeless piece which the child can wear even in her toddler years. The most popular ones to give are earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Although it’s a traditional baptism gift, it remains a popular choice because of its durability. You have plenty of options to choose from since you can gift gold, silver, rose gold or gemstone jewelry items to the baby.


If the baptized child is a boy and you cannot give him jewelry, you can opt for baby clothes instead. These are great presents for baptism since there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can gift a pair of pajamas, a polo top, and denim pants or even a onesie. Since the baby is constantly growing, he will need a good amount of clothing items in his wardrobe. Baby clothes can be gifted for either boys or girls, so it’s an excellent choice. You can never go wrong by gifting clothing items since they are very useful.


A simple yet thoughtful present to gift a child for his or her baptism is a photo album. The child’s parents will be able to appreciate this gift since they can put several pictures of their baby and create a collage. It will allow them to look back on the wonderful memories they’ve shared with their child as he or she grows older. Nothing is better than seeing how your child has grown over the past few months.


baby being baptized A nursery set usually consists of a mug, bowl, and a plate which are perfectly suitable for a newborn child. They are made with high-quality materials to ensure the child’s safety while eating or drinking from it. They come in a variety of different designs and patterns, so you will never run out of options to choose from. This will come very handy for the child’s parents who are always concerned about their child breaking ceramic glasses or bowls since it’s made out of plastic materials.


A rattle is a classic baptism present because all newborn children become very fascinated with this toy. As you shake it, you will hear a distinctive clicking noise which babies really enjoy. Rattles have been known to increase a child’s hand and eye coordination. It also stimulates the senses, so it’s a great gift to give for a baptism. They are usually made out of cloth, plastic or wood. They are fun, interactive and provide plenty of entertainment for a child.