Tips For Successful Core Drilling

man drilling

Core drilling methods have been embraced in many industries. The main areas where this drilling technique has been used is in the construction industry. The two main surfaces where Core Drill machines are used are reinforced and non-reinforced surfaces. Use of modern equipment offers accuracy, precision, and efficiency. If you are drilling any surface, here are some valuable tips that will see you get the right results.

Use machines with diamond bits

Diamond plays a critical role in any core drilling core drilling machinemachine. Ideally, it the part that provides the cutting surface. Notably, there are distinct surfaces that favor the use of diamond. There are other surfaces where diamond cannot be efficient. When the surface is too soft, it might end up wearing out the diamond. As such, when drilling past reinforced concrete, choose a diamond tool with some a soft matrix. On the other hand, a hard diamond matrix works well on soft or ductile materials.


The pressure subjected on the diamond cutting tool is what determines the effectiveness of the cutting tool. Ideally, without the adequate and uniform cutting pressure, it might be impossible to drill a hole. Low pressure might limit the machines ability to drill while very high pressure might end up wearing the cutting tool. As a tip, it is advisable to use a core drilling machine with the specifications equal to the task at hand.

Check the power rating of the drilling machine

The power of a drilling machine is what determines the drilling speed of the machine. If the power is insufficient, you will keep replacing the drill bit over and over. Low power causes overheating, which wears the drill bit. Too much power is not good as well as it only leads to increased abrasion and glazing. As a tip, a machine with variable power setting is ideal since all jobs have different requirements.


drill The effectiveness of the cutting action depends on the speed. The speed of a drill is quantified in terms of revolutions per minute. The speed used depends on the type of surface and the diameter of the drill bit. As such, it is imperative to use the right speeds for you to achieve the desired results.

Use water

When drilling concrete surfaces, water acts an excellent lubricant. As such, this enables the diamond drill bit to grind the concrete efficiently. As such, you should also avoid a lot of water considering that it can interfere with the efficiency of the drilling process.