Highest Paying Jobs In The US

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Are you interested to know professionals that take home the highest paychecks? In this post, we provide the highest paying jobs in the USA.

Medical professionals

People working in hospitals dominate this list. Medical professionals in specific surgeons earn about $220, 000 per annum. The list includes internists, physicians, obstetricians, anesthesiologists, and orthodontists.


Chief executives tCEOsake home an average annual pay of $168, 000. These professionals are in charge of company’s success and are the ones that come up with strategies and implement them. In this way, they make businesses profitable.


Even though they are medical professionals, they earn quite less as compared to other medical doctors who work inside the operating rooms. These professionals specialize in treating patients who suffer from psychiatric issues and mental disorders. They take an average annual salary of $164, 000. This makes them third on the list of highest paying jobs.


Dentists have longest training time. For instance, it takes 8 years of study and training before getting your first salary. This may be one of the major reasons they are paid highly. They earn an average salary of $130, 000 per annum.


You will be required to take about seven years of training and practice before you become a lawyer. After this, you are free to choose your specialty and start practicing. Also, there are chances that a lawyer can become a politician, a judge and even the next president of the country. They earn an average salary of $129, 000 per year.

Natural Sciences Managers

These are experts in research and development fields. They rank as the sixth best-paid jobs in the country. They have an average annual salary of $128, 000. They carry out texts, experiments, and monitor activities done by other scientists that are working in other fields.

Engineering Managers

Engineers are trained to solve problems affecting the community. These professionals supervise work of information system managers and natural science managers. It is estimated that engineering managers earn about $122, 000 per year.

Information System Managers

Informtechnology ation technology has its place in highest paid jobs in the USA. These professionals are in charge of computer systems, networks, and their overall strategies. They receive an estimated $120, 000 per year.

Marketing Managers

These are professionals that are in charge of sales, product promotion, and advertisements. They use different product promotion strategies to make sales. They earn about $119, 500 annually.

Petroleum Engineers

With an approximate annual income of $119, 000, they make it top 10 highest-paying jobs in the USA. These experts provide technical advice and manage drilling. They formulate methods on how companies develop their gas and oil productions.