Alternatives to Smoking Cigarettes


Everyone knows that secondhand smoke from cigarettes is not only bad for you, but for everyone around you. Moreover, cigarettes are very expensive, and buying them continuously can drain out your wallet. People are now trying to find alternatives to smoking, so that it disturbs others less and healthier for them as well. Below are a few of the most popular alternatives to smoking.


E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes offers many benefits. They run on battery so you only need to invest once for them. It is also light and portable, so you don’t have to crowd your pocket with it. You do need E-liquids, but you don’t need to refill them as often as vaporizers or vape. Usually ecigarettes cost around $60 to $80 and e-liquid refills are less than $18, making this a good alternative if you’re trying to save money.


vapingVaporizers are currently trending because of the amount of cloudy smoke they produce. Moreover, the e-liquids for vaporizers has a wider variety of flavor. The flavors can range from fruity to dessert flavors like tiramisu cake. The vape community prides themselves for being able to have the most technologically updated vaporizers. They also like to take pictures while blowing their cloudy smokes out, because it looks very aesthetic. In addition, it doesn’t contain as much nicotine and there are even liquids with no nicotine at all. The smoke won’t cause any harm to those around you who inhale it.


a hookahHookah or shisha is made popular in the Arabic culture. You smoke it through a pipe and some charcoal on top of a bowl of water, it’s a very unique and complex looking device. Just like vaporizers, hookah has a lot of flavors, but not as many as vaporizers. The usual flavors are grape, apple, peach, and mint. However, hookahs tend to be very expensive, not to mention dangerous because you have to put a burning charcoal to make it work. It is also very hard to find the flavorings if there aren’t any hookah supply stores around your area.

Nicotine gums

Smoking addicts run to nicotine gums all the time because they provide the same relaxing effect as cigarettes, but they won’t damage your lungs. Nicotine gums were made famous in the US, where many people struggle with the bad effects of smoking cigarettes. Chewing nicotine gums prove to decrease smoking by over 70%. It is mostly what your doctor would recommend as a first tep to quit smoking.